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"A renowned communications expert provides simple, powerful exercises on becoming an engaging, articulate, and persuasive speaker in any situation."

—Good Reads


Margo T Krasne's Say It With Confidence gathers her observations, exercises, tips, and teaching in a form that is indeed the next best thing to being at one of her highly successful presentation skills seminars. Examples and anecdotes amply illustrate Krasne's points and the prose is clear and fast paced. Say it With Confidence delves into the common misconceptions most of us have about public speaking and shows us how to overcome them and the fear of speaking they produce. 

Say It With Confidence

Reviews for "Say It With Confidence"


Anyone Who Speaks Needs This Book

S. Campbell

May 1, 2002

I have found this book extremely helpful in planning and giving presentations - much more than most of the other books out there on public speaking. I make a lot of speeches every year, and I often go back to the presentation analysis form the author suggests to make sure I'm going to connect with the audience.

The very best thing about this book is the underlying message in every chapter: it's not about you the speaker. It's about your relationship with the listeners. When you are thinking about them and helping them understand your ideas, you lose the self-consciousness about yourself.

This is a useful book for both experienced speakers (the exercises are terrific!) and people new to speaking who need a boost in confidence.


With "Say It With Confidence" You Find Your OWN Confidence

Nancy Toomey

April 20, 2002

I read this book because I found, after many years out of the workforce, I was less confident in my ability to present to any size audience. It was hard to use my voice effectively and relax. "Say It With Confidence" showed me better than any other book that the internal process of finding a personal style, using what feels natural and feeling the success of doing all of that really well produces a solid level of self confidence that stays with you for a longer time than any program with the same list of steps to follow for everybody. The whole idea of approaching yourself, not with a formula, but with a real self analysis makes so much more sense.I loved the book. I'd recommend it to anyone trying to overcome fear of presenting, to anyone interviewing for jobs, for anyone who wants to learn how to communicate to customers, management or even subordinates.


Margo Krasne's book is sensational!!!

Kathy Glass

April 15, 2002

This book is a lifesaver for anyone who is in a position where they need to present either professionally or in their personal life. Ms Krasne clearly outlines the blockages that we all suffer in this area and gives a clear and consise 'method' which takes the mystery and difficulty out of presenting. I thoroughly recommend this book to all who need or just want to be able practice the art of confident presenting.

margo I was there all along book cover.j

"You probably don't know Margo Krasne but that won't keep you from thoroughly enjoying this book. Margo's journey through multiple careers and life transitions provide an inspiring road map for anyone interested making a fresh start."

—Good Reads


Margo Krasne, a dyed in the wool New Yorker, has lived many lives-- often simultaneously.


Trained as an actress under Sanford Meisner, she left the theater for the ad world, creating the Radio Department at Doyle Dane Bernbach in the 1960’s. Her hands in clay from early days, she went from advertising to sculpting full time until, in her 50's, she reinvented herself once again becoming a highly successful communication coach. This is her story.

I Was There All Along

Reviews for "I Was There All Along"


Perserverence Unlimited!


June 4, 2017

A fascinating study of one's search for identity. From acting to sculpting to communication coach (and more in between), Margo's journey is not for the faint of heart. Yet insecure as she might be, she never gives up. She truly was there all along!


Smart and Full of Wisdom Born of Life's Difficulties

Gwen Griffith

June 27, 2017

Margo is a vastly interesting, classic New York character. I was glued to every twist and turn as one chapter of her life collided into the next. She's witty, smart and full of wisdom born from life's difficulties.

The writing was absolutely elegant in its simplicity, smooth-flowing, yet deep, and the words almost begged you to slow down and absorb her story word by word. Her words are like a ribbon wrapping around you. Over and under until you find yourself completely tied up in the story.


Vibrant and Visceral Storytelling that Stays with You

Kim B.

May 16, 2017

To read I Was There All Along is to immediately feel as if you are have been plunged into a delicious heart to heart conversation with a close friend. Her wry wit, endearing vulnerability, and inspiring resilience immediately sucks you in, making you feel that you are right there beside her, laughing, crying and cheering her on. Margo's spunky voice leaps off the page and will stay with you long after you've read the last word.

margo what would I do without you cover.

"Clever and memorable accounts of friendships by a worldly-wise writer."

What Would I do Without You? is a collection of 13 short stories about the different friendships and all their complexities one can have in one's life. The characters are artists, writers, business types, women, men, single and married. Their ages run the gamut. There are friendships that grow apart and those that life tears apart. This is a book about attachment, separation, loss and sometimes reattachment. But mostly it is about how friendships sustain us for the time they do exist and even beyond.

What Would I Do Withot You


Reviews for "What Would I Do Without You?""


Time Well Spent

Jean E.

December 12, 2020

What better way to spend an afternoon than reading this warm, wonderful book about friendships? Margo's characters are fallibly human and reading their stories prompted me to reflect on the friendships I've kept and relinquished over the years. She writes with wit, warmth, insight and empathy. With a keen sense of irony, Margo's stories reveal her characters' needs to be seen, heard and understood. A delightfully entertaining read.


Beautifully Written, Poignant, and Funny!

Lora Goldwater

December 8, 2020

Margo writes with charm, wit and honesty about friendship--a subject of endless discussion amongst my own friends. I was immediately absorbed into each story--relating to the character's conundrums, communication challenges and feelings. One can't help but reflect on one's own relationships and vow to work harder, cherish them more and appreciate the gift of sharing our true selves with each other. A thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying read.


Vividly fleshed out characters, lovely flow, unexpected endings.

Suri H.

November 15, 2020

Margo vividly fleshes out her characters within the few pages of each short story, and each story has a lovely flow often with an unexpected ending.

As I read I felt like I was right there in the room, in Tuscany, Asheville, New York...listening in on the conversations and getting a front row seat- you know these people well by the time you’ve turned the last pages of the stories.

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